Omega Engineering”s PXM209/219 Series pressure transducers are designed for harsh industrial equipment applications, such as fuel and hydraulic systems, refineries, extruders, and OEM manufacturing equipment. Based on the company”s PX4600 sensor family, the PXM209/219 Series” high performance is a result of the full bridge construction, which uses a micro-machined diffused silicon diaphragm and thin-film media with dielectric isolation barriers. The unit”s proprietary ASIC provides temperature compensation from -20 C to 80 C, including tight tolerances for zero balance (+/-2 percent full scale) and span (+/-1.5 percent full scale). The PXM209/219 Series features an all-stainless steel body, gage, vacuum, and compound ranges between zero-to-one to zero-to-20 bar, outputs of zero to 10 Vdc or four to 20 mA, and a rugged high-shock and vibration-rated design for tough OEM applications (withstands 20 g peak sinusoidal vibration from 10 Hz to 2000 Hz, 12 mm D.A.). 100,000 Hr MTBF is typical. The PXM209 is available with a one meter screened four-conductor cable, and the PXM219 ships with a DIN 43650 plug connector.