Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical Division”s PUR-Sense 3800 autoclavable and steam-sterilizable pH sensor is designed for stability in life science applications. In simulated cell-culture process, the PUR-Sense 3800 exhibited sensor drift below 0.1 pH after an autoclave of 125 C for 45 minutes. Additional testing showed continued sensor life after more than 30 autoclave cycles or 50 steam cycles. Emerson has worked closely with customers to assure maximum effectiveness of the PUR-Sense in challenging pharmaceutical applications. The reliability and stability of PUR-Sense 3800 in high heat is based upon the unique Emerson PERpH-X(R) and AccuGlass(R) technologies. High temperature can cause deterioration of a pH glass sensing membrane. The AccuGlass pH bulb addresses this issue and resists cracking and aging while exhibiting near theoretical response even at extreme pH values. The PUR-Sense reference electrode uses a silver-silver chloride-based reference electrode in combination with a new gelled potassium chloride electrolyte to provide a stable reference potential through the single proprietary ceramic reference junction.