ITT Monitoring & Control”s Version 5.0 of PumpSmart PS200 features new technology called SMARTFLOW, which is a sensorless flow measurement function that can calculate the flow of a centrifugal pump within +/- 5 percent of the pump”s rated flow without the need for any external instrumentation. The function mathematically models the pump power curve with only four points of CDS pump performance curve data — BEP flow, BEP power, shutoff power, and rated speed. Advanced Pump Protection (APP), another new feature, is a sensorless pump-protection function that takes into account the hydraulic and mechanical loses associated with changing the speed of a centrifugal pump. A self-calibration feature allows for an accurate representation of the pump to ensure the pump is protected at all speeds. Positive Displacement Pump Protection (PDPP), also a new feature, is a sensorless function that is for protecting a constant torque load, such as a positive-displacement pump. Because PDPP is used with constant torque loads it does not take into account changes in speed such as APP. PDPP monitors for conditions such as high and low torque, which can be an indication the pump has a blocked discharge or a starved suction.