Moyno”s 2000 HS system can pump filter cake further distances with higher volumetric efficiencies than other progressing-cavity pumps. Its twin-screw feeder supplies a constant, pressurized feed rate to the pump resulting in a 100 percent pump cavity fill rate. The system features an integral hopper with a twin-screw auger feeder and specially designed progressing cavity pump that handles dewatered municipal sludge to over 50 percent solids. The enhanced design of the Ultra-Feed pump rotor provides volumetric efficiency. The system combines high pump efficiency with low discharge pressure to provide high solids sludge cake transfer. For application versatility, the Moyno 2000 HS System offers varying twin screw feeder and hopper lengths to match wide feed areas from centrifuges and one- through three-meter length belt filter presses. The twin screw feeder and the hopper length can be readily modified without changing the pump arrangement.