Suppliers of air and water pollution control equipment, along with manufacturers of pumps and valves, will experience only slight decreases in sales in 2009, according to a report by McIlvaine Company (

The report, titled World Market for Your Products, says while the net result is a slight decline in revenues, there are big variances among products, industries and countries. For example, McIlvaine predicts high-efficiency air filters will be down, while medium-efficiency air filter sales will be up. Reverse-osmosis filter sales are expected to be up, while drum filter figure to be down Electrostatic precipitator sales will be down, while fabric filter sales will be up.

Geographical differences will also vary, with markets in developed countries declining and markets in developing countries on the increase. China is expected to spend more on pollution and flow control in 2009 than any other country.

Source: The McIlvaine Company