Despite the current worldwide economic downturn, sales of pumps in 2009 will remain at the 2008 level of $32 billion worldwide, according to a report by McIlvaine Company ( While there will substantial reductions in revenues in some pump markets, McIlvaine predicts these will be offset by gains in others.
Centrifugal pumps figure to be the leading technology type in 2009, says McIlvaine, with rotary pumps edging diaphragm pumps for the second most sales.

Municipal water and municipal wastewater applications are expected to generate a combined $12 billion in revenues in 2009, says McIlvaine, driven in large part by stimulus funding in the United States and China.

The power market will remain flat, but there will be decreases in chemicals, mining, metals, refinery, stone and pulp and paper. Asia is expected to show modest increases, while the European market is expected to shrink.
Pump Revenues ($ Millions)
Subject 2009
Centrifugal 23,872
Diaphragm 2,786
Reciprocating 2,330
Rotary 3,786

2009 Industry Rankings
1. Wastewater
2. Other Industries
3. Water
4. Chemical
5. Refinery
6. Power
7. Oil & Gas
8. Stone
9. Pulp and Paper
10. Food
11. Metals
12. Pharmaceutical
13. Mining
14. Flood Control
15. Electronics

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