All-Flo Pump Co.’s All-Safe DRM (Diaphragm Rupture Management) allows for safe fluid handling by detecting diaphragm failure in a diaphragm pump. For use in chemical processing applications, the system provides two layers of protection. An “early warning sensor,” installed between the PTFE overlay and the backup diaphragm, detects a leak if the PTFE overlay becomes compromised. The sensor alerts pump operators of the leak before the backup diaphragm is compromised and hazardous fluid enters the air section. A second “critical leak-detection sensor” is installed in the air section itself. Should both diaphragms become compromised, this sensor will detect fluid in the air section. Both the early warning and critical sensors can be configured to turn on a warning light, sound an audible alarm, or trigger pump shut-off. The system is powered by 120VAC. The signal cord is available in 5-, 10-, 15-, or 20-ft lengths. If a rupture occurs and liquid escapes into the air section, the electronic connectivity probes complete a circuit and alert the external senor panel, which can be wall-mounted and is housed in a NEMA-rated polycarbonate enclosure.