Pump Guy Insight No. 7: Why Are Some Pumps Reliable & Others Prone to Failure?

In this short video clip, Larry Bachus (a.k.a. “The Pump Guy”) explains why it’s important to identify the cause of pump problems before moving onto the task of improving pump reliability.

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Larry Bachus The Pump Guy

Larry Bachus

The Pump Guy Seminar is presented by world-renowned pump expert Larry Bachus (a.k.a. “Pump Guy”). The training is designed to provide process plant engineers, managers, technicians, operators, and others involved with pumping systems technical knowledge on industrial pump design, operation, and maintenance. Upon completion of this training event, attendees will be armed with the necessary information to improve plant production via reliable pump and process piping system design strategy. Attendees receive a certificate for 21 professional development hours upon completion of the course and a copy of Larry’s wildly popular textbook, Everything You Need to Know About Pumps.


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