Moyno Gear JointMoyno Inc.’s  proprietary gear joint design is now improved to offer decreased wear, reduced friction, and increased loading capabilities. The improved gear joint is used on all new Moyno 2000, Moyno 2000 WA, and Moyno 2000 WB pumps. It is also available as a drop-in replacement for any existing Moyno 2000, Moyno 2000 WA, and Moyno 2000 WB pump models and requires no modification. The Moyno crowned gear universal joint drive train configuration is designed to provide exceptional torque and thrust control. Patented joint seals are made to effectively protect the gear joints from pumpage contamination.  The gear joints are the result of advanced material selection and improved manufacturing methods that help to reduce wear characteristics and improve overall performance. The precision manufacturing of the components creates greater surface contact, which also helps to reduce overall wear and elevate performance. The Moyno technology enhancements to its gear joints provide increased pressure limits for existing pumps; and the use of larger element options for drive ends.