Intek’s RheoVac DRvacuum drying system is designed for use in a number of industriesincluding: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastics. The systemeliminates the guesswork associated with timed runs or off-linesampling to determine drying performance. The RheoVac DR uses a uniqueprobe array to provide real-time data on water vapor flow (rate atwhich moisture is removed during the drying cycle), pressure (vacuumlevel actually being achieved in the dryer), total mass and volumetricflow, (operating effectiveness of the vacuum equipment to remove gasand water vapor in comparison to the vacuum pump’s performance curves),relative saturation (output indicating percent moisture content in thevacuum line), temperature (accurate, real-time display of processtemperature). The probes are installed in the vacuum line, downstreamfrom the process, to provide an uninterrupted stream of data forevaluating dryer system performance. Removal rates of water vaporand purged gases can be measured separately if needed. The dryingprocess can be viewed in a control room or at a desktop via 4/20 orEthernet connections. Operators can also view information locally byscrolling between output parameters on the unit’s wall-mountedprocessor.