Groth Corporation”s Model 7758A Detonation and Deflagration Flame Arrester received Factory Mutual approval for NEC group C & D vapors and ATEX certification for IEC explosion groups IIB3, IIB2, IIB1 and IIA. Designed to protect liquid storage tanks containing vapors with MESG equal to or greater than 0.025″ (0.65 mm), the product also protects against unstable detonations, deflagrations, short-time burn and endurance burn (with temperature sensor) for NEC group C and D vapors (IEC explosion groups IIB3, IIB2, IIB1 and IIA). Available in standard flange sizes from two inches to twelve inches in carbon steel, stainless steel or Hastelloy C. Other materials are available upon request. Tested and approved for elevated preignition pressures, the product can be ordered with factory installed temperature sensors.