McCrometer’s Mc Propeller Flowmeters have a newly designed bearing assembly that includes built-in UltraShield technology for added protection against sand, grit, and debris. The propeller-style flowmeter is a good fit for water flow measurement in agricultural, turf and other irrigation applications. The flowmeters now feature a more durable bearing assembly, and an improved design of the standard canopy, transmitter, and digital register to prevent water intrusion. Additional features include a standard lid spring and an optional canopy boot for the standard canopy or digital register that are designed to protect against harsh outdoor operating conditions. A range of propeller meter configurations, including bolt-on saddle, fixed-ell, removable-ell, and open-flow designs, provides the best-fit meter for a range of applications. The flowmeters are easy to install and require minimal upstream and downstream straight-run requirements. The meters require no electric power to operate and measure flow across almost the entire cross-sectional area of the pipe for higher accuracy. –