Siemens Energy& Automation”s Sitrans P DSIII digital pressure transducer is Profibus-PA compliant and supportsSIL2 safety shutdown in accordance with IEC 61508/IEC 61511-1. Thestandard device includes a Profisafe driver for measuring pressure,absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow, and level. This allowsfailsafe transfer of the pressure transducer”s measured values viaProfibus. In a typical Profisafe safety application, the pressuretransducer is connected via Profibus-PA with aSimatic-S7-400F controller that triggers a safe shutdown, such as theSipart PS2 PA electropneumatic Profibus-PA positioner. In the case of”redundant/diverse” design, measuring circuits up to safety level SIL3can be established. Measured values are determined in several ways andcompared internally. With the Simatic PDM configuration tool, Sitrans PDSIII is first started up as a regular Profibus-PA device and then theProfisafe safety functions are activated. The files required for this,such as the “Device Description” and the “Safety Manual,” are available at