Sage Metering”slatest generation of thermal mass flowmeter features a number ofproductenhancements. Sensor signal immunity ensures the meter is protectedfrom RFI, electrical noise, environmental influences, shock, vibration,etc. The flow signal is 10 times more sensitive, offering 1/10 thesignal noise of previous models. High-resolution, five-volt voltagereference is accurate to three decimal points (4.9997). A largetransistor amplifier dissipates heat away from circuit boards, so allcomponents are kept well below temperature limitations. The metersupports RS232 (Sage VIP) or labview menu servers. A new touch-screenshortcut allows users to easily switch the flowmeter channels (fordifferent gas calibrations or menu settings). Users no longer need alaptop to invoke the calibration procedure, as the raw sensormilliwatts(mw) reading can now be viewed directly on the meter”s display byselecting RTD power from the Analysis Menu.