Raytek’s ThermoView Pi20 process imager with DataTemp Pi (DTPi) software includes two additional cameras, a new enclosure, and a C++ software development kit (SDK). The fixed-mounted process imager is designed for automated monitoring and control of continuous or stationary targets, allowing for shortened startup times and lower production line changeover costs. The imager has two 45-degree remote focus cameras and a new outdoor enclosure. Featuring an IP54 rating, the camera is offered in two temperature ranges: -40 C to 500 C (-40 F to 932 F) and 200 C to 2000 C (392 F to 3632 F). For each temperature range, three lens options are available (21.7 x 16, 30 x 22 and 45.2 x 33.7). The camera is interfaced to the DataTemp Pi software for real-time viewing, archiving and playback of both on-line and off-line thermal images. The DTPi supports up to 16 Pi20 cameras simultaneously in a single software package where each camera can have up to 192 process alarms to be assigned as relay outputs. The imager is a good fit for a range of industrial environments and applications from furnace refractory monitoring, to semiconductor/solar manufacturing, and production of glass, plastics, automotive components, building materials, food and beverage products, and petrochemicals. Customized solutions are also available for engine testing, steel coating, metal forming, materials testing, solar module testing, and automotive fabrication.