Tyco Flow Control”s M30 Series primary isolation instrumentation root valve is designed to provide a large-bore isolation solution for particularly hostile environments and processes, including high temperatures and pressures, while providing excellent seating capabilities. The M30 series includes single block (M37), block and bleed (M38), and double-block and bleed (M39) functions built into one compact modular single valve body. This eliminates the need for field assembly and testing of conventional valve and fitting stacks while reducing leak points. The M30 series of valves provide a bonnet with external stem threads, a metal seat, and a 3/8” large bore orifice that is the first to be provided with a 1,000 F (538 C) temperature range in a modular valve. The combination of a non-rotating stem ball, a globe pattern flow path, and unique seat and stem materials, provides a zero leakage repeatable bubble-tight shutoff with extremely low turning torque. All valves are designed to an ASME/ANSI B16.34 piping class rating, and are tested to an instrument class shutoff specification, ensuring positive closure in the most difficult of applications.