During the summer months, our thoughts turn to well-earned vacations and breaks from our daily jobs and routines. We vow to leave the office, plant floor, oil field and other job sites to take a break from the daily grind and relax for a few days. However, the facilities we work in keep going. These vacations would not be possible without proper attention to preventive maintenance, which we focus on in this issue.

Our readers are the professionals who implement effective maintenance strategies, a point highlighted in T.A. Cook’s article. While technologies are important to ensure accuracy and other benefits, humans are essential.

Our cover series continues with Editorial Advisory Board member Gobind Khiani’s discussion of the proper tools and handling methods for long valve life. Next, Global Tubing presents an article on maintaining and preventing corrosion in coiled tubing.

NIWeek, National Instruments. FC Ed Letter 0717

Plant personnel can use augmented reality to monitor pump system health, as we learned during a demonstration at National Instruments’ NIWeek in Austin, Texas.

The Internet of Things (IIoT) is everywhere, including the preventive maintenance discussion. Our special section on IIoT and cybersecurity acknowledges this. Find out what it means to implement secure, connected systems that produce actionable data. At the end of our special section, Petasense presents a case study of how Stanford University used new IIoT technologies to identify predictive maintenance solutions for real-time pump monitoring.

Moving on, Polycontrols discusses the importance of calibration measurement uncertainty in mass flow rates. Contributor Amin Almasi then goes over impeller trimming methods on page 28 to close out our features.

I hope this issue’s content helps you improve your current maintenance strategies. Feel free to share your success stories with me.