NOSHOK’s 800/810 Series Pressure Transmitter/Switches feature three different switching output options, making them a good fit for applications including hydraulic & pneumatic systems, molding & extruding equipment, stamping & forming presses, pumps & compressors, HVAC, power generation, transportation equipment and marine. By using ceramic or thin-film sensors, the electronic transmitter/switches deliver a high level of repeatability and durability. With standard pressure ranges from -14.5 PSI to 9,999 PSI, they are designed to provide continuous pressure monitoring and allow the programming of setpoints without pressurizing. Two buttons allow adjustment of the setpoints, contact functions (normally open/normally closed), reset points, contact types (npn/pnp), and switching function (hysteresis/gate). The transmitter/switches offer the following output options: 2 switching outputs; 1 switching output and 1 analog output (4-20 mA or 0-10 V); and 2 switching outputs and 1 analog output (4-20 mA).