Madison Company Pressure SwitchMadison Company’s H Series pressure switches can be utilized in HVAC, appliance, medical, automotive, pump, and water system applications. This series includes pressure switches for ultra-low operating pressure ranges down to 0.04 in./H2O (0.25 PSI). The differential pressure switches allow for high operating pressures up to 5,000 PSI. Vacuum switches are designed to stand up to extended duty applications. Built with rugged construction for long-lasting operation, these units are field adjustable, allowing fine-tuning to meet application requirements. The H Series pressure switches come in an array of pressure ranges, electrical connections and port configurations, making them a good fit for many OEM applications. UL approval and factory calibration is available on most models. Custom-engineered designs may also be requested by using Madison’s H Series Specification Sheet, available on the company’s website. –