ifm efector’s PQ Series pressure sensors are designed for pneumatic applications typically found in robotics and material handling applications. The cube-shaped pneumatic pressure sensor retrofits traditional pressure switches at a low price. Measuring 32mm x 30mm x 42mm, the compact sensor can be installed in areas with limited mounting space. Application parameters are established using two pushbuttons. The four-digit display indicates system pressure and can be clearly seen from long distances. The sensor features two programmable switching outputs or one switching and one diagnostic output. Values can be programmed to change color depending on the switching output status (e.g., red if output 1 is switched; green if output 1 is not switched). The technology is based on a piezoresistive measuring element. The silicon measuring cell is insensitive to liquids (e.g., condensed water) and deposits that might occur in the system. The cell changes resistance when pressure is applied. The stress induced in the cell is transformed into an electric signal that is proportional to the pressure. The silicon measuring cell guarantees a high overload resistance, as well as an accuracy of +/-0.5 percent. For mounting purposes, the pressure sensor can be fixed to flat surfaces and profiles using the sensor’s two M4 drill holes located in the front of the sensor. The pressure sensor can be mounted to a DIN rail or connected to plates or manifolds using ifm”s robust DIN rail bracket. The sensor can be connected to air lines through the G-1/8 port using a six mm or eight mm tubing Two models are available. PQ7809 has a measuring range of -14.5 PSI to 14.5 PSI and the PQ7834 has a measuring range of -14.5 PSI to 145 PSI. Electrical connection is made through an M8 Pico DC connector.