Oseco Rupture Disc

Oseco says its PRO+KRGL features an industry-best Kr value, which allows for a higher flowrate and faster pressure relief when the disc opens. In addition, the company says the device offers an operating ratio of 95 percent, allowing users to increase productivity of their systems by 20 percent or more when compared to older technology discs with a 70 percent operating ratio. (Photo courtesy of Oseco).

When the popular TV show MythBusters blows things up, they regularly call on Oseco, a supplier of industrial-strength pressure-relief systems.

Oseco made its seventh appearance on the popular Discovery Channel TV show July 10 when its products were used to put a Hollywood movie explosives myth to the test.

MythBusters uses elements of scientific method to test the validity of myths, rumors and urban legends to determine if they are “Confirmed,” “Plausible” or “Busted.” In past episodes, the MythBusters team has used Oseco’s pressure-relief products to determine if explosions in varying scenarios can be survived. They use the safety feature of Oseco discs, calibrated to burst at a specific pressure, essentially as a measuring device to tell if an explosion is of a deadly caliber.

In the July 10 “Fire in the Hole” episode, the MythBusters crew tested the Hollywood myth of a movie character finding a bomb and stashing it in a nearby household item to survive the blast.

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Oseco’s rupture discs were highlighted on the show and used to measure the shock wave of one pound of C4 explosive placed inside four different items—a filing cabinet, a bed, a water-filled fish aquarium, and a trash truck—to determine if each item could contain the bomb’s blast enough for a person to “survive.”

After conducting several impressive explosions and checking to see if Oseco’s rupture discs had broken from the blast’s force, the MythBusters team was able to determine the Hollywood movie myth was “Plausible”—the blasts from the bomb placed in the bed, the fish tank and trash truck were survivable.

“Being featured on MythBusters gives our customers and prospective customers a chance to see our product in action,” said Aaron Cunningham, brand and digital channels manager for Oseco.“Our product protects people from the dangers of over-pressurization and are custom built to burst at specific pressures.”

Oseco, a Halma company located in Broken Arrow, Okla., has precision-manufactured rupture discs, explosion vents, and other pressure-relief products for more than 30 years.