BS&B Safety Systems” Relief Device Manager (RDM) is designed for optimizing the safety, integrity and total ownership costs of overpressure relief devices, including rupture discs, buckling pin relief valves, safety/pressure relief valves, tank vents, flame arrestors, and explosion vents. RDM was designed because overpressure relief devices, such as rupture discs, activate instantaneously causing process plant owners/operators challenges in pinpointing precise operating conditions of an overpressure event. Without RDM, inaccurate conclusions regarding the relationship between process conditions and overpressure relief devices can be made, risking repeated incidences and compromised safety. Inaccurate conclusions are frustrating if devices are bursting frequently without the ability to diagnose causes, or if you’re a plant manager trying to maximize the longevity of overpressure relief investments through precise replacement schedules. This Windows-based system provides peace-of-mind to process plant operators/owners through continuous monitoring of overpressure relief devices. RDM provides warnings, alarms and performance history if events compromise the integrity of pressure safety management systems.