Siemens Energy& Automation”s SITRANS P ZD pressure transmitter measures pressure,absolute pressure, and level of liquids and gases. The transmitterindicates and monitors the pressure measured at the point ofinstallation and is available in an axial and a radial version. Thetransmitter can be easily and conveniently user configured by using theset of three keys just underneath the housing cover. The transmitterfeatures an integrated five-digit display that shows measured pressureand upward and downward violation of limits. Measuring range adjustmentis maximum 1:10. The pressuretransmitter is comprised of a thin-film measuring cell with a ceramicdiaphragm, the electronics, and the digital indicator, all in a compactstainless steel housing with glass cover and a stainless steel processconnection. The output is standard four to 20 mA with a measuringaccuracy of (typical) < 0.25 percent. There are various modes ofoperation available, including: measured value, password, dimension,start of scale and end, upper and lower limit value, zero adjustment,upeer and lower current saturation limit, and electrical damping.