Pipe-To-Tank SealUniseals from TOPP Industries, Inc. are positive pipe-to-tank seals for flat or curved surfaces, for hydroponic growers, pond suppliers, and reef and marine industries. Designed for holding tanks, these uniseals are a good fit in any application where pipe-to-tank seals and/or pipe penetrations are required, including wastewater lift stations, valve boxes, sump risers, pump stations, dispenser pans, junction boxes, cooling systems, and boats. TOPP uniseals are designed for pipes with standard outside diameters and are a good fit for use with PVC, galvanized steel, copper, EMT, rigid conduit, fiberglass, and polyethylene pipe. Features of the Uniseal pipe-to-tank seals include easy installation, tight pipe-to-tank seal requiring no adhesive, hardware or threads, and a tough, pliable thermoplastic material construction. Uniseals also provide resistance to most chemical compounds, petroleum products, methanol, ethanol, and most soil compounds.