Swagelok Company”sM200 welding system power supply offers ease of use, portability, and200 amp capability. The system weighs less than 50 lbs. (23 kg) andfeatures a high-resolution, 12.1 in. (307 mm) color industrial touchscreen. Users can choose from one of three forms to enter weldprograms, including automatic weld schedule programming. The M200’sautomatic shield gas control (patent pending), simplifies setup ofshielding gas, requiring no use of a separate flowmeter. Multi-languagecapability is built in to the M200, requiring no separate programmingor special ordering. Built-in languages are English, French, German,Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (simplified and traditional).Universal voltage input (100 to 230 V [ac]) requires only a cord/plugchange to accommodate an input voltage. The M200 works with allcurrently available Swagelok weld heads. It includes four USB ports,Ethernet port, USB device (output) port, VGA output, and serial port.All gas and electrical connections, plus the integral, high-speedthermal printer can be accessed from the unit’s side panels.