KROHNE”s OPTISONIC 6400 ultrasonic flow measurement is designed to provide portable, straightforward and cost-effective liquid measurement. The focus of this product is ease-of-use and reliable measurement, as it is typically used for temporary and check metering. Users can install and have the first measurement results available within 10 minutes. Simply program pipe and medium parameters in the converter, and mount the sensor on the pipe. The sensor construction has patented fixing units to quickly install the sensor on the pipe. The transducers are integrated in the sensor rail. To minimize uncertainty, a signal strength indicator tells you exactly the advised distance between transducers. Measurement data can be displayed on a large, color LCD screen in a graphical format. The display is backlit and easy to read. The portable UFC 400 converter has a full numerical keypad for data entry and provides navigation through the menu. The integrated rechargeable batteries provide 14 hours of nonstop operation. A data logger is standard integrated with a memory space for up to 50 sites and 150.000 data points. Data can be saved to a USB stick and transferred to a PC for further analysis.