Emerson ProcessManagement”s CSI 2130 Machinery Health Collector is thenewest member of the Emerson family of portable route-based vibrationdata collection devices. The CSI 2130 Collector is industry’s only portable vibration data collector witha growth path for upgrading to a multi-channel, in-the-field analyticaldevice. It is the ideal instrument for those just beginning to dovibration monitoring. It can also be used as a second datacollector to augment existing periodic vibration monitoring programs. The instrument features high speed single-channel collection, a uniquefull-color backlit VGA display, and lightweight, yet rugged design inan advanced instrument for periodic collection of vibration data onrotating machinery.  In addition, Emerson’s patented PeakVueprocessing utilizes digital technology to detect stress waves on thespot for an early indicator of bearing or gear wear. PeakVueprocessing also indicates the severity of a fault, enabling techniciansto call for immediate maintenance, if necessary.