Krohne FlowmeterKROHNE Inc.’s OPTISONIC 6400 portable ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids measures the flow velocity, the current volumetric flow, and a variety of diagnostic values. The flowmeter combines portability, simplicity, and fast liquid measurement with the precision and reliability of KROHNE ultrasonic “time of flight” sensor technology. The device stores the readings of flow results in the integrated memory for data logging. Data can also be transferred via a USB stick to external evaluation systems for further review. The flowmeter is comprised of a compact evaluation unit and one or two rails, each equipped with two ultrasonic sensors. The rails are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different tube diameters, from 1/2 inch to 160 inches. The rail is attached to the pipeline to be measured using fabric belts or steel straps. A second rail is used for dual measurements on the same pipe or a second pipe. The entire measuring system is packaged in a practical suitcase with wheels. –