Invensys Operations Management released a new pipeline Control Room Management solution, which is designed to facilitate compliance with 49 CFR part 195.446 and 49 CFR part 192.631, the new U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation for companies that operate pipelines carrying hazardous liquids and gases. The offering combines open software and services to integrate SCADA information, workflow, alarm handling, training and other aspects of pipeline operations to help owners develop 49 CFR compliance procedures. The DOT is requiring that pipeline operators define these procedures by August of 2011 and implement them by February of 2013. The Invensys solution features the following components:
• Integration and scalability through the company’s Wonderware System Platform, which provides plug-in integration for control and enterprise applications.
• A common SCADA HMI via the company’s Wonderware InTouch software user interface for shared visualization of pipeline operations, including SCADA RTUs, flowmeters and leak-detection systems.
• Rationalized alarm management through embedded SCADA alarm reporting, alarm management software and proven consulting and plan-development services.
• Business process management through the company’s ArchestrA Workflow software, which is embedded into the Wonderware System Platform or available as a standalone product.
• Mobile field operator tools, like the company’s IntelaTrac mobile workforce solution.
• Operator training through the company’s SimSci-Esscor and Energy Solutions International operator training simulators, which have been integrated with dedicated SCADA consoles.
• A common online repository through the Invensys integrated Web Application Framework, which enables storage of documentation, field procedures, plans and system backup for shift handover, lessons learned, controller roles and responsibilities, compliance, system and network management and other operator functions.