Presenter Brian Reynolds of FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation shares responses to audience questions from the “Pioneering Chemical Industry Flow & Concentration Solutions” webinar held on May 11. View the recorded presentation below to learn various measurement technologies, their strengths and limitations, and how new metering design developments may help to solve difficult process challenges.

Have you measured sugar concentration Brix?

Yes, both the PIOXR and PIOXS can be used to measure Brix.

In wastewater, I have clients that have asked me if I can use a flowmeter on a chemical feed located upstream (suction side) of a pulsating diaphragm dosing pump (on a 5/8-inch tube or ½-inch pipe) for chemicals like sulfuric acid, caustic, ferric, alum, etc.

Yes, we can measure these liquids feeding a diaphragm pump. Due to the nature of the pump, there will be oscillating flow signal. This will be true with all flowmeters. On-site testing can be performed without disrupting the existing piping design using our portable F601 flowmeter.

What are the limitations on measuring flow or concentration with the clamp on ultrasonic technology?

This is actually two questions, and they are good ones. We have two types of flow measurement solutions: transit time and doppler.

Transit time measurement limitations include the lined pipe using an inserted sleeve liner, while a thermally bonded liner is perfectly OK. It also has 10 percent entrained Air and 10 percent suspended solids.

Doppler measurement is like radar; it needs targets in the flow stream to detect movement so that its limitation is liquids that do not have air bubbles or suspended solids. The same liner requirements exist.

For concentration, the limitations are measuring in the required range of percent concentration and temperature allowed by ultrasound technology.  Refer back to slides where we discussed slope and the roof.

Can the PIOXS ultrasonic meter measure percent solids as in lime stone slurry application?

The PIOXS measures percent soluble mixtures. A binary liquid is one liquid dissolved in another.  We can measure dissolved solids such as starch in water, but not suspended solids as in slurry applications.

What is the maximum pressure limit of the PIOXR refractive index meter?

The maximum pressure allowed is 40 Bar or 580 psi, depending on the design.