Sensorex’s S656CD Sensor Electrode installed with the S675 Hot-Tap Assembly enables pH measurements to be made in pressurized tanks and main lines without having to use stainless steel components. It is a good fit for a range of dirty applications for municipal and industrial water & wastewater treatment. The electrode with the hot-tap assembly is typically installed in Acid Neutralization Systems in which pH is monitored prior to discharge of water back into disposal or sewer lines to prevent wear and corrosion of the pipeline. The S656CD insertion pH/ORP electrode features standard HT gels with four protective pads to reduce pH glass breakage. Its flat-surface measuring glass design reduces coating and build-up in turbulent flows to extend electrode life and reduce technician maintenance activities. The S656CD features a measurement range of 0–14 pH (0–12 pH without Na+ error), and the S656CD-ORP +/-2000 mV for ORP. The electrode operates a minimum temperature of 50 F (10 C) and up to 185 F (85 C) depending on the maximum pressure desired, up to 80 PSIG. The S675 Insertion Assembly uses a one-inch full-port ball valve to allow installation or removal without system shutdown. The insertion assembly can be fully retracted through the ball valve, which is then closed, isolating the electrode and holder from the pressurized system. This is accomplished without draining the tank or de-pressurizing the line. The S675 Assembly features an adjustable insertion depth, which allows the user to position the sensor in a turbulent area of the tank or line to optimize the electrode’s self-cleaning feature. The electrode used in the insertion assembly allows it to be mounted in a variety of positions. –