Sensorex pH meterThe Model PH-1 Meter Application Accessory for the iPhone or iPod from Sensorex offers an easy way to measure, apply and share pH data for scientific, laboratory and industrial process control purposes. Users simply plug in the PH-1 accessory into an iPhone or iPod and follow the onscreen instructions to download the free application from the Apple App Store. Next, users connect the PH-1 module to the sensor and the application provides a real-time display of pH, millivolts, ambient temperature, and solution temperature. By recording the pH value with a time stamp and location, the PH-1 meter accessory is designed to eliminate mistakes when recording readings. It also works with location-aware devices to log the coordinates where readings were taken for analysis and auditing purposes. The PH-1 meter accessory is designed for use with the Sensorex Model S200C/BNC combination pH electrode or the Sensorex Model S293/30K/BNC/2.5 three-in-one pH/reference/temperature electrode. –