Sensorex’s pHASE pH Electrodes are designed to provide pH measurement changes in dynamic process environments under a range of variable temperature conditions. The electrodes are a good fit for quality control and R&D use in a variety of applications, including measurement of biological samples and proteins, heavy metals, paint, dairy products, food/beverage, and photography. The electrodes are available in two designs: the sealed design, which features large-area, porous polyethylene junctions to resist clogging, and the Rapid-Renew refillable design that is a good fit for dirty samples or other samples that cause junction fouling. A spring-loaded knob opens the electrode’s sleeve junction, instantly providing a fresh junction. The Twist-Seal refill hole’s leak-tight o-ring seat can be opened or closed with a quarter turn of the collar. The electrodes are offered with either epoxy or glass bodies. Epoxy bodies offer chemical resistance and have removable bulb guards to protect the pH bulb from breakage. Glass bodies feature spherical bulbs, useful for a range of relatively clean samples. Breakage-resistant flat surface designs also have epoxy bodies without the need for bulb guards. They are designed to make contact with viscous materials and are recommended for use with slurries.