Watson-MarlowBredel’sPetroProof pumps are industrial, high-pressure hose pumps that supportpetrochemicals such as hydrocarbons and oils. The PetroProof lineuses an oil-resistant hose material, which shelters the product from contact with any metal ormoving pump parts, making the pump a good fit for abrasive and corrosive products. Finite elementmodeling (FEM) was used to design the various PetroProof hose sizes toensure maximum performance under a range of service loads. PetroProofhoses are optimized for compression force, internal pressure, andexpected lifetime. With no valves orseals to clog, PetroProof hose pumps require minimal maintenance and provide a cost-effective alternativeto traditional diaphragm, progressive cavity, and rotary lobe pumps.Every Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pump is an inherent meteringpump with repeatability at 99.5 percent.  Many models include integraldigital drives and displays in washdown enclosures.  Theseself-priming pumps accommodate flowrates from 0.1 microliter to 350 GPM and can withstanding pressures up to 232 PSI.There are no internal universal joints, valves, dead corners, or glandsto impede flow, and these pumps are reversible for backflushing lines.They can also run dry indefinitely without damage and provide up to a30 feet of suction lift.