Blue-White Industries” STARIII metering system features a FLEXFLO A-100N Series peristaltic metering pump combined with a polyethylene tank. Thepump isequipped Blue-White’s patented Tube Failure DetectionSystem; output (feed) capacity to 124 GPD (326 ML/MN); a choice ofthree pumptube materials (Norprene, Tygothane or Viton); and compatibility withBlue-White”s MICRO-FLO flow verification system. The system isavailable in several models, including units with time intervalcontrol; pulse batching and time interval control; percentage speedcontrol; and four to 20 mA, zero to 10 Vdc and pulse input speedcontrol.The tankis available in seven-, 15- or 30-gallon capacity. The tank features UVinhibitors for sunlight protection and extra-heavy walls forstability. An opening at the top of the tank is designed for easyaddition of chemical. Lid position can be open, closed, or vented.