Clark Solutions” Boxer Unoverse 9100 peristaltic pump dispenser is a fully programmable pump dispenser designed to transfer precise amounts of reagent directly from the reservoir to the application. The pump dispenser features an easy tube change design, and the dispensers can also be wall-mounted. Volumes can be calibrated to match two different tube sizes and the display can be adjusted to show the desired working range in either microliters or milliliters. The dispenser features controls that allow the users to dispense or aspirate any volume with high precision and accuracy. A dispense protocol can be programmed to repeat up to 99 times with up to 99 second intervals. A single touch of the “Stop” button and any pump operation is immediately terminated.

Power Supply- Wall adaptor with universal plug adaptors, 100-240 VAC, 0.3A, max. 47-63Hz with 12 VDC, 0.5A output
Accuracy: 0.3% @ 500 μl
Precision: 0.8% @ 500 μl
Max Flow Rate using 3.0 mm ID Silicone tube: 70 ml/min
Material Wetted Parts: Santoprene or Silicone
Tube Connection: 2 mm ID Santoprene tubing, 1 meter
Optional: 1 mm and 2 mm ID Silicone tubing, 1 meter
Automated Dispense Cycles: 1-99 seconds
Dispense Intervals: 1-99 Seconds
Options: Wall mounting bracket/stand; foot pedal