Victaulic”s Style 177 QuickVic flexible coupling is based on a patented, installation-ready design. The technology features no loose parts, cutting installation time and making installation safer. The Style 177 QuickVic coupling is designed for flexible piping systems on HVAC, mining and utility and process piping. The single-unit design allows crews to assemble an installation-ready coupling by simply inserting it onto the grooved end of a pipe, fitting, valve or any other accessory and tightening the nuts with standard hand tools or an impact wrench. There are no flames, noxious fumes or loose parts that can be lost or dropped, reducing material handling and thereby reducing risk of injury. The coupling features a proprietary “EHP” gasket material for performance from -30 F to 250 F (-34 C to 121 C). The coupling is rated up to 1000 PSI/6900 kPa. Available in sizes 2″/50 mm, 2.5″/65 mm, 3″/80 mm, 4″/100 mm, and 6″/150 mm. Designed for joining standard roll-grooved and cut-grooved steel pipe.