Universal Flow Monitors” P420 Series vortex-shedding flowmeters are designed to meet the requirements of water desalination, chemical, and water treatment operations. The meters feature an inexpensive flowrate transmitter with no moving parts that can stick, bind, or coat when processing corrosive fluids. Applications include water, chemicals, brine, corrosives and low-viscosity pure liquids. The flow transmitters are electronic instruments with wetted parts entirely of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The meters are designed to transmit low-viscosity liquids that are compatible with PVC, including water that may contain particles. Available in five pipe sizes with maximum flow rates from 12 gallons per minute (45 liters per minute) to 200 GPM (750 LPM). Pipe sizes and maximum flow rates are: 1/2 inch ( 12 GPM, 45 LPM), 3/4 inch (25 GPM, 95 LPM), 1 inch (50 GPM, 190 LPM), 1-1/2 inches (100 GPM, 380 LPM) and 2 inches (200 GPM, 750 LPM). No o-ring seals — connection is made by either solvent welding PVC pipe into the socket port provided or threaded connection. Electronic output is from a 4-20 mA, two-wire transmitter rated Intrinsically Safe when used with barriers. The electronics package is totally potted and not vulnerable to shorting, corrosion, leaks, humidity, or condensate from conduits or thermal cycling.