ETI Systems’Electric Valve Actuator line can actuate a variety ofneedle valves, ball valves, metering valves, linear valves, pressureregulators, and more. The microprocessor-controlled motor provides voltage, current, and torque control when starting,running, or stopping valve rotation. The microprocessor alsoassures accurate valve seating without stiction or motor stall. Ageometric bracket and coupler design allows users to mount valveflow in two directions. A coupler allows misalignment withoutrotational binding. The newest product in the line, the VA100,has the ability to continuously deliver over 100-inch pounds of torque,which makes it a good fit for pressure regulators, gate valves, andhigh-pressure steam valves. Current models include VA8 (eight-inchpounds), VA21 (21-inch pounds), VA75 (75-inch pounds), and theVA100.