Getting more from current equipment and processes helps operators achieve peak efficiency while maintaining high quality. Optimization strategies provide solutions that allow process plants to make the most of their operations, no matter the application.

These strategies were evident at the Electrical Apparatus Service Association’s (EASA) annual convention in June. Technical session speakers discussed a whole-systems approach to managing effective processes. Pumps and motors affect each other and work together, so for maximum efficiency, the design of the two should be worked into the overall system design.

Optimization solutions are the focus of this issue. Essity’s Randy Riddell begins the cover series with five methods to help operators determine pump operating point. Then read SKF USA’s discussion of seal functions in fluid power applications.

Next in our special section on temperature and pressure measurement, learn how food and beverage developments tackle sensor issues, how vortices affect thermowells and how to optimize systems with multiparametric data analysis.

Finally, read about how Alltech optimized its brewing process with the implementation of new separation technology at its Kentucky facility.

I look forward to visiting Houston for the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia in September. This educational event always teaches our team something new in addition to giving us opportunities to meet and speak with those who keep our industry running.