KROHNE”s OPTIMASS 2000 large-diameter Coriolis mass flowmeter is designed for accurate and repeatable bulk measurement in oil applications. Using a twin straight-tube design, the meter is available in three sizes — four-inch, six-inch and 10-inch. Wetted parts are constructed of NACE-compliant duplex stainless steel (ANS 31803), and the meter is available with flange ratings up to 1500 lbs, with flange sizes from four-inch to 12-inch. The meter is CRN-approved and can handle process pressures to 2200 PSIG (150 bar), with a stainless steel outer cylinder that can handle burst pressures in excess of 1,500 PSI (100 bar). The meter supports flowrates ranging from 250 lb/min (7000 Kg/h) to 4400 lb/min (1,2000,000 Kg/h) with a measuring accuracy of 0.1 percent. The meter features KROHNE”s MFC300 converter and is available in a compact or remote version. All signal processing is carried out by the MFC300, which converts the meter output to a MODBUS RTU communications signal. The “split architecture” of the MFC300 secures all calibration data in redundant memory. The meter can also be supplied with DDC (Direct Digital Communications) where the application doesn’t require a converter.