KROHNE”s OPTIFLUX 6000 electromagnetic flow sensor recently received 3A Sanitary Rating 28-03, making it a good fit for hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Supports SIP (steam in place) and CIP (clean in place) and is FDA/3A-approved and EHEDG-certified. Capable of conductivity of nonwater > 1 μS/cm and water > 20 μS/cm. Also offers cleaning temperatures, depending on the process connection, up to 150 C/300 F. The flow sensor, operating in conjunction with the IFC 300 flow converter, offers a completely sanitary design in high-quality stainless steel. With mesh support and an improved design with calculated stress points, the flow sensor maintains its shape through all operating conditions. The unit”s L-shaped gasket design with expansion chamber prevents expansion of the gasket into the measuring tube due to unidirectional compression. The flow sensor”s wide diameter range makes it a good fit for large-scale production plants.