Hydreka is providing on-demand use of its flow measurement devices backed by technical support through its instrumentation rental service. The service will be located in Toronto (ON, Canada) and managed with partner ACG Technology Ltd (Woodbridge, ON). After running a similar program in France for 20 years, Hydreka is offering the new service to allow consulting companies and municipalities in North America access to an inventory of products for water loss management and auditing, pressure management projects, and sanitary networks flow monitoring. Hydreka’s instruments is designed to help identify losses in a water distribution network when they are small, so maintenance can be conducted before the leak grows. The rental service is designed to allow municipalities the chance to use the equipment without any capital investment to see if it is right for their needs. The rental service includes Hydreka’s insertion magmeters, transit-time and A/V flowmeters, and flow, pressure and level dataloggers. All products are inspected prior to shipment to ensure reliable performance.