The Little Hocking Water Association ( of Ohio withdrew a lawsuit against DuPont (, alleging the company was delaying the construction of a water treatment plant to filter a suspected cancer-causing agent , according to an Associated Press report published by the Akron Beacon Journal ( The report said the water association dropped the suit so that it and DuPont could focus their attention on moving forward with construction of the plant.

DuPont originally agreed to build filtration plants for six public service districts in Ohio and West Virginia as part of a settlement of a class-action suit accusing the company of hiding the possible health threat posed by ammonium perfluorooctanoate, or C8, a chemical used to make Teflon at DuPont”s Washington Works plant near Parkersburg, W.Va.

Following the settlement, however, the water association was unhappy with the progress being made on construction on the plants, and it filed a new suit against DuPont in May of this year. Even though the water association has now decided to drop the suite, it may refile it within the next year without losing any legal rights, according to a news release issued by the association and cited in the Associate Press report.

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