NewAge Industries’ silicone tubing and reinforced hose is offered in multiplespecialized grades, making it suitable for applications such asmedical devices, pharmaceutical product transfer, beverage and foodservice, vending, deionized water transfer, sterile bottle filling,surgical drains, fermenter lines, biological fluid handling,peristaltic pumps, personal care products, chemical transfer,protective covering, and others. The tubing and hosewithstands both low and high temperatures (-100 F to 400 F); isodorless, tasteless, and inert; manufactured from nontoxic ingredientsthat meet USP Class VI, NSF-51, and FDA standards; and is sterilizableand reusable. Various grades of silicone tubing in sizes ranging from .012″through 3/4″ I.D.; reinforced hose for increased pressure applicationsfrom 1/8″ to 1″ I.D.