Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS, won a National Science Foundation (NSF, Phase I SBIR contract, titled “Microfluidic Gas/liquid Two-Phase Sensing and Compensation,” which aims to develop a new sensing technology capable of quickly and accurately measuring nanoliter- and microliter-sized gas bubbles in a liquid stream using ISSYS patented MEMS technology. The basic microfluidic technology has already been employed to produce density, specific gravity, and chemical concentration meters, which are sold by ISSYS, as well as drug infusion monitoring systems.

“Micro and nano-bubble detection is a major hurdle facing many emerging technologies,” said Douglas Sparks, Ph.D., executive vice president of ISSYS, in a prepared statement. “This research will not only develop new methods of measuring extremely small gas bubbles, but will also improve both the accuracy and reliability of many emerging products in a variety of fields including, microfluidics, assay, TAS, biomedical, bio-MEMS, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, genetic screening and testing, laboratory and industrial sensors, such as Coriolis mass flow and liquid density measurements.”