Badger Meter earned NSF-61 certification for its line of fire service meters. The certificationincludes Badger’s three-inch to 10-inch Fire Series Meters (ModelFSMA); four-inch to 12-inch Fire Series Assemblies (Model FSAA) withdisc seriesand turbo series bypass meters; and the eight-inch Combo MeterAssembly. NSF International ( a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that is recognizedfor its scientific and technical expertise in health and environmentalsciences. It develops product certification, accreditations, educationand risk-management standards for numerous industries, including food,water, indoor air and the environment. NSF/ANSI Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components — Health Effectsis the nationally recognized health effects standard for all devices,components and materials that contact drinking water. The Badger MeterFire Series Meters andAssemblies, as well as the eight-inch Combo Meter Assembly, are listedonthe NSF International Web site at Badger’s FireSeries Meters and Assemblies are used in either a secondary linededicated to fire protection alone or as part of a primary, multi-usesystem providing fire service protection and potable water for domesticand/or industrial process applications. Features and benefits of theFire Series Meters and Assemblies include:
• UL listed and FM approved for fire service applications
• Mainline turbine meter — exclusive “floating rotor” reduces bearing friction and lifecycle costs
• Low head loss — assures optimum pressure for fire extinguishing
• Tamper-resistant calibration ring — allows in-line accuracyadjustments while under pressure, reducing repair frequency
• Fusion-bonded, epoxy-coated fire service strainer/flowconditioner — corrosion-resistant, protecting the metering element fromdebris and preventing downstream flow blockage
• Bypass meter on Fire Series Assemblies — optional choice of apositive displacement meter or a turbine meter to fit your application
• Compatible with all Badger meter reading systems offered, as well as other approved technologies