Spraying Systems Co.”s TankJet 19 nozzle features a slim design to clean tanks with openings as small as two inches (51 mm). With a 7/8- inch (22 mm) probe, it can clean tanks with smaller bungholes. The nozzle is a good fit for keg and drum cleaning and cleans tanks up to 12 feet (3.6 m) in diameter. Solid stream orifices are precisely drilled and placed to provide four spray coverage options: 180 degrees up, 180 degrees down, 270 degrees down or 360 degrees. Slow rotation speeds of 3-15 RPM increase dwell time on tank surface to provide better cleaning than free-spinning nozzles. Suitable for clean-in-place or portable installations, the nozzle can be mounted at any angle vertically or horizontally. Maintenance is simplified as the nozzles are designed to prevent residue buildup, while and the materials of construction — 316 stainless steel and PTFE — resist corrosion. The TankJet 19 nozzle is a good fit for chemical mixers/blenders, drums and kegs, food processing tanks, pharmaceutical tanks, and tablet coating machines.