McCrometer”s V2System flowmeter features a transmitter that now supports the HART Protocol, makingthe task of integrating flow measurement communications with controlsystems and other process equipment easier. Applications include remote processvariable interrogation, cyclical access to process data, parametersetting and diagnostics. The V2 System flowmeter supports line sizesfrom four to 18 inches, and is a good fit wherever irregular or crowdedpiping and equipment conditions make other flow technologiesimpractical or unworkable. Pre-packaged and ready to install, the flowmeterfeatures a built-in, three-way valve that isolates the transmitter fromthe process fluid flow for easy maintenance without shutting down thepipeline. It arrives from the factory wet-flow calibrated and measuresflow over a wide flow range from 40 to 7,500 gallons per minute,depending on the line size. The flowmeter”s cone conditions fluid flowto provide a stable flow profile that increases accuracy. The cone’scentral position in the line optimizes the velocity of the liquid flowat the point of measurement. Accuracy is +/- 1 percent, with +/-0.1 percent repeatability over a flow range of 10-to-one. Straight piperun requirement is zero to three diameters upstream and zero to onediameters downstream from the flowmeter.