Emerson Process Management”s Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis flowmeter offering covers six- and eight-inch line sizes, adding to the existing eight- and 10-inch line size capability. The meters are designed for fiscal custody transfer, in addition to liquid and gas measurement in challenging, high-flow applications. Meters are ideally suited for liquid hydrocarbons, delivering +/-0.10 percent mass and volume flow accuracy and +/-0.0005 g/cc density accuracy and also for natural gas delivering mass accuracy of +/-0.35 percent. The meters can handle a maximum liquid flow capacity of 94,000 lb/min (2,550,000 l/h / 21,700 bbl/h / 2,550 m3/h), typical gas flowrate of 196,000 SCFM of natural gas, and standard pressure ratings to 1,480 PSI (102 bar). The Micro Motion sizing program can provide specific information on any application, including accuracy, turndown, pressure drop and flow velocity based on the properties of the fluid to be measured. The meters have been tested with crude oil and other liquid and gas hydrocarbons in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Gas Association (AGA) procedures.  They have been approved by the European Measuring Instrument Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) for gas meters (Annex MI-002) and liquids other than water (Annex MI-005) by the Dutch metrology institute NMI.